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Title Korean Language 101 - Grammar and Expression 1 - N이/가 있어요 [없어요]
Posted by Hanna (ip:
  • Date 2017-11-10
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N이/가 있어요 [없어요]

> 이/가 있어요 [없어요] is used to express possession of an item or person. '이/가없어요' is the opposite of '이/가 있어요' expressing that an item or person is not in possession.

> Other interpretations: "to have" or "not to have" ; "to exist" or "not to/doesn't exist"

> '이/가 있어요 [없어요]' attaches to nouns.

*이/가' can be omitted in spoken language.
eg: 휴대폰이 있어요? =휴대폰 있어요? (Do you have a cellphone?)

Attachment Grammar and Expression 1 TH.jpg
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