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Title Korean Language 101 - Speaking 2
Posted by Hanna (ip:
  • Date 2017-11-21
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Let's practice!
Can you read the following dialogue?

Here's the translation:
Woman: Come in.
Jullian: Do you have a newspaper?
Woman: Yes, we do. We have Korean newspaper and National newspaper.
Jullian: Please give the Korean newspaper.
Woman: Here you are.

Practice with your partner! Now, can you make the same dialogue with the following examples below? 🤔
1. 주스
사과 주스/오렌지 주스
사과 주스
2. 잡지
영화 잡지 / 컴퓨터 잡지
영화 잡지
3. 우유
바나나 우유/딸기 우유
바나나 우유

Fighting! 🤗 You can do it! 

Attachment Speaking 2 _th.jpg
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