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Title Because This Is My First Life - Impression/Review
Posted by Hanna (ip:
  • Date 2017-11-21
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(This post reflects the opinions of the author and not necessarily those of TryKorea.)

The drama might have started around a month ago, but this post will be based off of the first three episodes. ㅋㅋㅋ First off, the title is catchy. It is fitting.
This drama stars Jung So Min who we have seen in the recently finished K-drama "My Father is strange", our high school favorite "Playful Kiss", and many other dramas.
So min is playing the role of Ji Ho, a freelance writer that has fallen into troubles and hard times. She has to work hard to scrape by, and has to find a place of her own.
JI Ho is relatable and in a probable situation. In this world full of struggles, you can find her character determined and bright. She is a likeable character and you will find yourself rooting for her to overcome her situation.
Another star, Lee Min Ki, who we haven't seen a good while. He bids goodbye to his eyeliner days (as you can see in Shut Up! Flower Boy Band) and now plays the role of Se Hee, an IT worker that struggles to find a roommate.

His role is aloof and can be rude. His personality doesn't like someone you want to be around, but I like his character personality. This character has the potential to change, especially when the female lead make the male lead open up. It would be nice to see him show affection despite him being cold at all times.
Never imagined, but So Min and Min ki have chemistry. At first you may think not, but as the drama progresses, you will feel it, you feel nothing is forced, which is the way it should be.
One thing that's nice about their characters is that they aren't complete opposites. Both go through a hardship, so they can relate to each other. It feels natural, and not too good to be true.

To end this, I would like to say that this drama is promising. Just to add something, I would like the writers to delve into something a little heavy, something that evokes a strong emotions from the viewers, scenes that will touch our hearts. I do believe that this drama can be a great one, with the good writing and character development. Honestly, I didn't expect to fall to it at first but the simplicity and realness of the story just got me. Plus the chemistry is gold!
That's all folks!
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