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Title 7 Tips to Eat Your Ramyeon - The Korean Way!
Posted by Hanna (ip:
  • Date 2017-11-29
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7 tips eat your ramyeon - the Korean way! 🍜

Has anyone else here developed a keen liking to eating ramyeon after K-dramas?

In typical Korean drama, there is at least one Ramyeon noodle eating scene. Remember Boys Over Flowers? (Well, as K-Drama fan, who doesn't know it? LOL) In the said drama, Lee Min Ho's character eats ramyeon and he likes it a lot. Usually in K-dramas, ramyeon is cooked in pot and the pot lid is usually used as an alternative for plate, which is something I learned that is considered to be a bad manner by family members. 🤔

Anyways, let's get to the main point. Let us share with you some tips the Koreans use to make their ramyeon tastier! 😋😋😋



They add a little to their ramyeon when cooking. The sweetness and spiciness of ssamjang is just a perfect match to the ramyeon soup stock.


Koreans love 찌개! If you add this, then you'll have your instant Tofu 찌개!


This is one of my favorites! Adding meat to ramyeon makes it a full, heavy, and perfect meal for me!


Well, this isn't something for a lot of us usually throw up egg when preparing instant noodles. However, compared to just cracking the egg directly into the pot of noodles, some Koreans prefer to crack the egg into a separate bowl and beating it slightly before pouring it into the noodles.


Well, yes! Once the ramyeon's preparation all done, just add a slice of cheese in the middles right on top! The cheese and a little spiciness of ramyeon is such a perfect combination, I am telling you!


Since we are talking about Korean style, then there must be always kimchi!


Hey, add some nutrition to your noodles, okay? ㅋㅋㅋ

So if you haven't tried having your own ramen ever, here's a quick guide for you to experience Ramyeon nirvana, without putting so much effort on reading Hangeul on the packing! ㅋㅋㅋ


#ramyeon #ramyun #라면 #koreanway #한국식

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